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As a Britt Haus member, you'll receive personalized, quality healthcare from a caring and empathetic doctor. Dr. Skattum is passionate about supporting women in all aspects of reproductive and primary care, before and after pregnancy and childbearing years. With our direct primary care subscription model, you'll enjoy longer appointments, more face-to-face time with your doctor, and access to same-day or next-day appointments, all for an affordable monthly fee and transparent pricing for in-office services. A 15-minute discovery call is available free of charge to learn more about us.




Live Healthy Membership: $189/month for 6+ months or $149/month if paid annually. 

$149 Enrollment fee 

As a Live Healthy member, you'll receive access to:

Additional paid membership benefits include:

Primary care with a yearly complete physical and GYN exam

At-cost labs and imaging

Free follow up in-office and problem visits

15% discount on procedures and products

Unlimited text and call communication with your doctor

Discounts on Club Haus events

Flexible appointment options

Online access to medical resources at Club Haus

Telehealth visits

Fee for Service

General +Gynecology/Women’s Health Exam (60 min)


Follow-up Office Visit (30 min)


Follow-up Telehealth Visit (15 min)


Club Haus Access


Injectable Aesthetics

$/unit varies per product

(For non-members)

Flowers in Pocket
Aloe Vera Plant


IUD Insertion (does not include cost of device)


Office Procedures

(prices do not reflect cost of labs, meds, or pathology):



Cervical Biopsy


Cervical Polypectomy


Endometrial Biopsy


Dilation of Cervix


IUD Removal


Vulvar Biopsy


Vaginal Biopsy


Condyloma (wart) Cryoablation


Hormone Pellet Insertion


Incision & Drainage Abscess






PreOp Visit


A complete list and pricing of hospital-based surgical procedures available upon request

Instead of having to rely on your insurance company to approve or deny services, our direct primary care membership model empowers you and your doctor to make the decisions that will best support your health and your wellness. A fixed, affordable monthly fee plus transparent pricing on additional services ensure you're never caught off-guard by surprise medical bills. Accessible appointment times and more face-to-face interaction with your doctor bolsters the quality of treatment, allowing you to genuinely partner with your physician to take charge of your health and your wellness. Dr. Skatttum’s honest, compassionate, and judgment-free approach changes the way you've experienced gynecological and primary care. 

Membership also includes access to the Club Haus,  an online platform for medical resources as well as interactive events, culinary medicine workshops, and more!  Get started by contacting Britt Haus today for a free 15-minute discovery call.



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